Breath the Motor for Success

Sarah, a clarinet student, desperately needs help with her breathing; this is her last Semester before her Bachelor of Music examination.  Her clarinet Professor told her to go to my Alexander Technique class and get help for her breathing. She is not the first one who has returned with “please help me to make my breathing perfect and reliable”. Virtually all brass and wind players sense at one time or other their need to find a solution around their enormous efforts to produce the sound that they desire; a sound which can happen with much more ease, measured control plus the relevant calmness.

Of course, I can’t do it for her. Sarah knows that, too, but now time is indeed of the essence as she wants to pass her Exams. Fear has started a long time ago growing a nest in her mind whispering “I can’t” every time when that long difficult phrase is coming closer. What does she do to carry on and conquer that phrase? She tries so hard that she feels she will burst any moment. Her whole body, mind, spirit are in a state of fright with a freezing effect rather than the flight one. Thank God for adrenaline. However, by now there is an unhealthy surplus of this first-aid-hormone in her system plus the repeated experience of “I CAN’T! I’LL FAIL!” which leaves her repeatedly with that terrible feeling of failure.

Taking Sarah through a step-by-step process, making her repeat the initial step of starting with a calm mind, she re-discovers her ability of sustaining exhalation. And as a by-product, the sound is phenomenal. She leaves with a new-found strength and confidence. We are both surprised and happy about the quantity and quality of change that has happened. Yet, Sarah needs to acknowledge that overcoming her fear habit around breathing won’t happen overnight, but who knows?….

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